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Ever After High is a boarding school located in the Fairy Tale World. It is attended by the teenage children of fairy tale characters. The main characters are Raven Queen, who does not want to be evil like her mother the Evil Queen, and Apple White, the daughter of Snow White who wishes to live "happily ever after". Raven prefers to be free to create her own destiny, while Apple, in order to protect her and others own destiny, believes that Raven should become the next Evil Queen. The students are generally divided between two groups. The "Royals" are the students who side with Apple in embracing their destinies and following in their parents' footsteps. The "Rebels" are the students who side with Raven in wanting to create their own destinies. Many of the stories are about the students' regular interactions as teens, but there is an underlying story arc where, according to the school's headmaster, if the students do not follow their individual destinies, their stories will cease to exist, and they will disappear forever.

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Fredericko007 Fredericko007 18 days ago

Twiette Starleigh: Winds of Distress (Story)

This is story about Twiette-Marie Starleigh, daughter of Jean Marie from a Swizz fairy-tale, The Three Sneezes. Twiette, Apple and Raven are making their way to the cabin until they found themselves bracing through a tough blizzard that blows around them. Drawings by 'devilkaoniy'.

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ShadowSpirit020 ShadowSpirit020 18 February

Backup Account

Hey guys, it's been a while. I blame writer's block and our world situation. I'm doing well, so to speak, just have this thing happening.

As some may now, I have a couple of wikis of my own in other fandoms, and that was going well. Until, a follower notified me that someone was stealing my characte…

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Ivy Efiáltis is the 17-year-old daughter of Phobetor and Calliope from Greek Mythology, and is set to take over her father's legacies.

At the time of the Rebel Movement, Ivy is attending her Yearbook Year (third) and currently does not room with anyone. Though happy with her set destiny, and having no issues towards it, Ivy sides with the Royals. However, Ivy does find the fighting between sides, tiresome to the point, she sides with the Neutrals on the fighting matter. On the other hand, Ivy full supports the Rebels (and anyone) wanting to have their choice in their future.


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